Atlanta SofaConf

I'm going to be in Atlanta for the Atlanta JUG's DevNexus conference, March 10-11.  I may or may not be speaking, but I'll be attending and helping with all things JBoss.

But why should you settle for simply attending the conference, when you could also have me sleep on your sofa? If you live in Atlanta and have a spare sofa or futon, here's your chance to spend some quality time with a JBoss developer.  Invite friends, we'll grill (if you have a grill) and have some beers.


To qualify, you must have a sofa capable of sleeping a 6'5" man.

Leave a comment explaining why I should select your sofa to host the First Atlanta Sofa Conf.  Factors may include who you are, what type of sofa you have, and proximity to the Vinings area, or anything else you deem appropriate.


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