Another Head in the Clouds

To counter some of last week's layoffs within the industry, we grew my team by 100%, hiring one other guy: Marek Goldmann.  You may have seen him around here commenting on posts, plus I pointed to his writings on mod_cluster a while back.  He's already been responsible for creating our 64-bit images and functional ESXi support.

Hailing from Silesia (in Poland), he's got a background in high-availability, a willingness to hack JBoss, Fedora and RPMs, and enjoys bacon.  He may like long walks on the beach; I haven't asked.

Welcome to the team, Marek!


Adam Warski, 05:12pm UTC, 01 February 2009

Congrats Marek! I'm sure you'll like working with Bob very much :)

So can we expect two DOTW now? :)

Marek Goldmann 10:17am UTC, 03 February 2009


Thanks! Beyond any doubt is that there will be more articles. I can't promise more DOTWs, because Bob's diagrams are sweet, certainly, mine not necessarily. But who knows? :)

-- Marek

Tomek, 10:24am UTC, 03 February 2009

Beach ? Silesia ? Bob - you clearly haven't look at the map ;-) Congrats for Marek for joining a godo company, congrats for Bob for having a good guy.

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