My cloud or yours?

After presenting VM2, I was introduced to the Red Hat team doing oVirt.  oVirt is a layer on top of libvirt to help manage virtual machines on a single host or a farm of machines.  Since it uses libvirt, it will ultimately be able to target multiple hypervisors, but KVM is obviously the focus these days.

Since oVirt has made such great progress in handling more than localhost VMs, it seems like a good foundation for building an EC2 type of cloud within your own datacenter (or laptop).

So I've begun work on a thin EC2 API layer.  By providing an EC2 API on top of oVirt, cloud tooling can treat the EC2 API as a common interface, regardless of your ultimate virtualization fabric or where its actually hosted.

The Eucalyptus team has done some work on host-your-own-EC2-compatible cloud, so it's certainly feasible.

Once we have a common API for interacting with clouds, we can then work up the stack, using JOPR, to manage the virtual nodes we've deployed.

Here's the diagram-of-the-week to demonstrate.  Blue bits are JBoss.org projects, red bits come from the Red Hat teams, and yellow are your own applications and servers.

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Gary, 06:03pm UTC, 20 January 2009

What is Jboss-haze? I couldn't find any reference to it on the jboss site (other then a link to this blog post)..


PS.. Really cool stuff.. Wish I was running OSX.. :-(

Bob McWhirter 08:17pm UTC, 20 January 2009


JBoss-Haze is the currently non-existent project that'll drive bits of EC2-compatible clouds, bits of JOPR, and who knows what else.

It ultimately will help orchestrate all the moving pieces, since at this point each chunk only covers a portion of the solution.

Good eye in picking up on that, though. :)

Bob McWhirter 08:28pm UTC, 20 January 2009


And ultimately, OSX won't be required for this stuff. oVirt-based cloud stuff will be happy on Fedora (and hopefully RHEL).

Michael Fairchild, 06:02am UTC, 25 June 2009

Any progress on this? I've been considering the same thing

Bob McWhirter 02:37pm UTC, 25 June 2009


Things are still afoot, but nothing deliverable yet. Keep an eye on this and other Red Hat spaces.

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